The Windows desktop screen attracts more eyeballs than print media, television, Yellow Pages, websites, Facebook and roadside advertising combined.

The Windows only DESKTOP T.V app appears on the desktop whenever your client's PC or laptop starts.

The app is an ideal free gift which gives one click access to more than 20 of Australia's live-streaming, free-to-air and digital television channels - via the internet. Plus, one click access to ABC News 24 for quick news or national disaster updates.

Hundreds of Catch-Up TV programs are available from the network live-streaming channels. These may all be enjoyed AD FREE, if you choose to install Adblock Plus which is available via the 'Block Ads' button

The Desktop TV for Windows App also gives users direct access to your TOP 20 contacts' mobile numbers, webpages and Facebook pages. This ensures cross-promotion between yourself and all of your recommended local trades and services.

Your Top 20 contacts will often hear about their clients intention to sell or buy a property long before they initiate any action. Keeping your name and business card in front of users and your TOP 20 contacts on a daily basis, boosts client retention and helps increase property listings.

Distribute the download link via Facebook or email. The custom built Desktop TV apps load to the desktop of any Windows PC computer or laptop on startup. As a promotional tool we provide a personally branded video for Facebook.

A cost-effective way to provide your clients with a much appreciated, innovative gift; as well as ensuring they see your business card regularly and can link directly to your webpage and your Facebook page.

Being first to take-up an exclusive 'post-code based territory' will ensure that you will be the only agent in your region to be building their client database with this desktop computer presence.

Take a look at the package and download the Desktop TV app produced for our exclusive real estate agent in Hervey Bay Queensland 4655 -
  Download the 4655 demo of the Windows DESKTOP TV App

Whilst we are ultimately unable to control our client's buying decisions, we can control the size of our networks. Building a ten times larger network automatically leads to increased listings and sales and shifts focus from the sale to the process and removes the fear of failure.



Custom designed and produced by boultons MultiMedia

Hervey Bay, Queensland, Australia

0417 90 6000

Please note that these apps are designed for the Windows Operating System only
and will not work with Apple or Android computers, phones or tablets.