The Desktop TV App - Provided free by your sponsor

A Windows only app which appears on the desktop whenever your PC or laptop starts

The app gives one click access to more than 20 of Australia's live-streaming, free-to-air and digital television channels - via the internet. Plus, one click access to ABC News 24 for quick news or national disaster updates. Hundreds of Catch-Up TV programs are available from the network live-streaming channels. These may all be enjoyed AD FREE, if you choose to install Adblock Plus which is available via the 'Block Ads' button.

The app also features the local weather forecast and Weather Radar, and the time and date in an unobtrusive, yet easily accessible form.

The second screen is DESKTOP RADIO
with buttons for Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane radio stations with listen and 'Listen and Watch' capability. ABC LOCAL RADIO stations (streaming live from most local regions in Australia), ABC NEWS RADIO, RADIO NATIONAL and the ABC GRANDSTAND live sports broadcaster. A PodCast button links to the world's most popular podcasts daily and includes TED TALKS DAILY. iHeartRadio links to live radio from across the world. The last 3 buttons are Child and Family focussed with ABC KIDS TV, Vision Christian Radio and Kinderling Radio links.

Clicking the top right corner of the case will the exit the app. An icon on the desktop restores the app to the screen.


Step by step instructions on how to connect any Windows PC or Laptop
to a television set using an HDMI cable.

Custom designed and produced by boultons MultiMedia

Hervey Bay, Queensland, Australia

0417 90 6000

Please note that these apps are designed for the Windows Operating System only
and will not work with Apple or Android computers, phones or tablets.

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The Brain Health Education Institute
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