DESKTOP TV is something totally new in digital media - A 21st century version of the 'Fridge Magnet', but instead of being in a blank space on the door of the fridge, the app is placed in a blank place on the user's computer screen.

The Windows desktop screen attracts more eyeballs than print media, television, Yellow Pages, websites, Facebook and roadside advertising combined.

Each app is custom produced to promote a business by placing the advertiser's business card, website and Facebook page links directly on the screen of Windows PC's and Laptops every time they start.

In order for the user to allow the app to stay on the screen, it needs to provide a real benefit. The app gives one click access to more than 20 of Australia's live-streaming, free-to-air and digital television channels - via the internet. Plus, one click access to ABC News 24 for quick news or national disaster updates. Hundreds of Catch-Up TV programs are available from the network live-streaming channels. These may all be enjoyed AD FREE, if you choose to install Adblock Plus which is available via the 'Block Ads' button.

The app also features the local weather and the time and date in an unobtrusive, yet easily accessible form.

A FREE, digital download gift from you to your existing client database and Facebook Followers. The download link can be circulated to new and existing clients via email or Facebook.

The apps are licensed annually to sponsors for individual or multiple postcodes and can be placed in any of various segments of the computer screen.


Custom designed and produced by boultons MultiMedia

Hervey Bay, Queensland, Australia

0417 90 6000

Please note that these apps are designed for the Windows Operating System only
and will not work with Apple or Android computers, phones or tablets.